A Blog About Blogging

A blog about blogging - Sometimes it seems like every other blog in the entire blogosphere is on this topic. Well, I guess every blogger want to share with others about his/her experience. So, it looks like high time for me to start my own :D

Before, I used http://blogcrowds.blogspot.com mainly to test out and learn about Blogger Beta XML coding, now its time to put it to a better use.

I'll be offering tips and advice I learned from running my blogs and my website Blogcrowds. Like many other blogs, these tips will probably focus on managing, promoting, monetizing your blog or website. However, what will be different is that I don't claim I am good at this or tremendously successful at all. In fact I'm not exactly satisfied with the progress of Blogcrowds.

I'll share with the readers what I think works well, if it worked or not through trial, error and everything in between.

I hope you will enjoy reading Blogging2.0 and find the entries useful. I look forward to seeing you again soon :)