Internet Explorer 7.0

Like many others, I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7.0 from Internet 7.0 Beta sometimes last week. I didn't give a second thought about it since Firefox (version 2.0 was release a week later), not Internet Explorer was my native browser. Not until yesterday did I get a huge wake up call to do some browser testing to see my sites show up ok in 7.0.

Internet Explorer 6.0 and below are notorious for not conforming at all to the CSS/HTML coding conventions and your webpage show up in a mad jumbo. Why I don't know, all I know is how to implement some inconvenient but absolutely necessary CSS hack to make sure everything shows up at least close to how it is suppose to look in Firefox and Opera (I mostly use the underscore '_' hack and star html '* html' hack for IE 6.0).

To my great relief, when I typed in in the IE 7.0 address bar, my site showed up fine if not better in IE 7.0. That, I give my thanks Bill Gates :).

I guess the reason that I forgot about testing my site for IE 7.0 and not testing when I got IE 7.0 Beta was because I thought most users will still be using IE 6. My initial thought, perhaps influenced by some 'internet browser trend analyst', was that IE 7.0 will be shipped with Windows Vista sometimes in early 2007 but most users who does not switch to Vista will still be stuck with IE 6.0 for another couple of years and still taking up most of browser population. Now it looks like IE 6.0 will be obsolete sooner than I expected (hopefully), which is a very good thing and I could stop worrying about hacks :D. Something else I will be looking forward to is the 'new' age of online images with .PNG for better qualities and transparency (which isn't really recommended because IE 6.0 does not render transparent .PNG properly). And again, thanks to Bill Gates.