Snapshot Tequila, Snapshot Madder, Snapshot Sable 3 Columns!

Now its easy than ever for bloggers to download Blogger XML Templates at Blogcrowds Resource section. Here are a couple of our templates, Snapshot Tequila, Snapshot Madder, Snapshot Sable in full Blogger XML with labels and all other new blogger features! Click the images to download the template. There are more template on and many more to come!

Snapshot Madder

Snapshot Tequila

Snapshot Sable


  1. Ayomide said,

    How does one go about taking off the HRs in the templates? I use the Tequila version, and I want to remove the underlines of my blog titles, and just have one under the posting date. I can't however, find the part of the code that would let me edit this.

    on 9:52 PM

  2. Somos Mamas said,

    error 404 not found...

    on 1:16 PM