Most people are probably satisfied with the fonts pre installed into their home computer. However for the rest of us and the typophiles (not sure that's a real word) there is never more than one font that satiifies the task at hand. Fortunately there are many font site out there that allows you to buy or download a font for free.

Today, I'm going to introduce one of my favorite font site, Like many other font sites, has a huge collection of fonts, at the time of this writing 6932 fonts of which : 1769 has accents, 1062 has the Euro symbol. Unlike other font sites, layout is extremely clean but more importantly, the fonts are organized into specific groups and categories. This makes its a lot easier to choose the exact font (if there is such a thing) you need in minutes. For example, if I want gothic fonts and download any that suits my purpose and a few more that I really like. Some of us will of course take hours to browse all the font available several times over :)

To conclude I will show some fonts I used in my templates:

Neuschwantein:Street Sign