Scribe 3 Column

I have modified the blogger template Scribe into a three column liquid template.

Click the image to see it at work. To use this and other templates free please click here.


  1. anniebluesky said,

    I love Scribe with the 3 columns! A vast improvement. And fluid to boot. Good job!

    on 6:22 PM

  2. Anonymous said,

    I have a 3-column scribe beta template that Hackosphere's Ramani sent me. When I look at your 3-column scribe, yours seems wider and the background takes up less room than mine so there's more room for text and extras on the blog you show. Do you know why this happens? Do I need to download a completely new template (and lose all my widgets?). Thanks!

    on 2:32 PM

  3. Anonymous said,

    two things:
    does this work on beta?
    and where is the link to the html?
    sorry, i am new at all of this.
    it looks beautiful though, and the new scribe that blogger offers on beta is just awful.
    so i need this! please let me know.
    thanks so much.

    on 1:06 PM