Medieval Templates

The two templates Neuschwanstein & Abode of Crow I made initially with a castle/medieval theme in mind. These two templates shares many things in common. They are both centerpieced around the theme developed by their header.

Abode of crow features the ancient remains of a tower on an omnious day with crows flying overhead. The brown and purple used enhances this mood to a point that I wish I had sound tracks of crow kaw to add to it.

Neuschwanstein is a Bavarian Castle with an interesting history. Because of this, the template somewhat focuses on a regal, fairy tale theme. To develop this theme an original photo of the castle is enhanced. The photo is recolorized for a monochromatic blue with blue and sharpening applied for a more picturesque appearance.

I found the font English Gothic 17th Century combines very nicely with both template. For more information about the two templates click on the respective links. To find out how to get his template click here.


  1. Andy said,

    I really like the abode of the crow blogger template, but I cant' figure out how to use it. Is that one open for use? How do I get the code? Please let me know. Thanks.

    on 7:26 PM