Baaaahhh, almost another week with no new template entries, I'm really kicking myself in the umm behind.

Lately I have been bogged down with the number of new posts we have at blogcrowds forums since we imposed the three post till you get your template rule. Well, of course, as a result we got a boatload more posts and I personally would like to respond to every single one. There goes an hour more of my spare time. Should have saw that one coming, I actually did but just as well prepared as I thought. I know all of the above sound like a lot of excuses when there should be none... Oh well, guess I have to be more efficient in the future.

In any case I do have one new template to showcase:

Here it is for all the die hard baseball fans, The Road To October is designed especially for you!

And if anyone's kind enough, feel free to post a reply with something like

Get to work, lazy umm behind, there better be a design magnified for this template!

Thanks a million times.


  1. thapasagar said,

    Wow !

    I like this simple Blogger Template . I think ite seo ready is it ?

    on 7:43 PM