May The 4th Be With You

When was the last post man? March 12th? and what, that entry was a random plug into this other blog? Does that even count?

Ok, let's see What's today? May 4th? Whew, almost two month, this blog must be abandoned and the blogger dead...

Fortunately in the blogosphere, resurrection does not require the will of God and death is just a minor glitch in the grand scheme of far greater things. Hallelujah Chorus...Crescendo...Hallelujah Chorus

Anways, throw away the theatric, you get the idea. WE ARE BACK. Blogger Template at IS ALIVE AND KICKING!!

We have been preparing the Rebirth for a while. Those who visited before may noticed we have changed our template from Field of Dreams to a stunning black and green template modified from Green Marinee. Its about time for the blog that showcases new Blogger XML Templates to upgrade from a classic template.

On top of design changes, we are also going to take a new approach to our content. If you look around you'll see the majority of the post are regarding new releases of Blogger XML Template and write now the content is pretty generic nothing really 'worth' reading. Well we're going to change that. Following each template and download links we may include paragraphed covering the design style of the template, room for improvement, or coding style. There may still occasionally be a couple of entry just showing a list of new template it just means "no comment as of right now".

To wrap things up, I hope you are excited to see some amazing templates in the days to come. For those who can't wait, Blogcrowds has dozens of new blogger templates added feel free to browse through them.

p.s. about the title of this entry, I couldn't help it although it has nothing to do with the content.


  1. red said,

    This template is awesome, where can i get it? I only find the wordpress version...

    on 2:24 AM

  2. Stavanger said,

    Hello red, this template will be available at Blogcrowds Blogger Templates in a few days.

    on 6:59 PM