Before we start on our critique of numerous Blogger XML Template Blogcrowds has converted, there is still a bit of housekeeping to do.

The appearance of the blog is improved with the new template based from Green Marinee (which will be available for everyone to download in a few days); Now the content itself needs to be organized. For example, the labels are in major disarray, the cases don't match and there are many places two labels are used when one could have done the job. For some nameless reason this bothers me very much, so I set out to relabel all the previous entries.

During this experience, I found out the hard way that Blogger Labels are very difficult to edit. Contrary to what I hoped, you cannot simply correct the labels and the entries would following suit; you have to actually go through every single post and relabel each. Furthermore, you cannot correct a post until you delete every post with the same label. Otherwise when you alter a label, it will simply take the form/casing of the previous labels.

So, there I was blasting the label from every single entry and reentering them. I don't have many post compared to what I should have considering this blog has been around since July 30, 2006, but 40 is still quite a workload. Instead of the five minutes I thought I would spend over twon reorganizing the content and lables, I spent a good solid 20 minutes. In the end, I now have a very clean straightforward labels section that is far easier for visitors to browse through and find exactly what they need.

Here organized into different categories is a look at different entries and template I wrote about. They'll make a good read on a rainy day:

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These are just some general excerpts, feel free to look around as well.